A man stood up and I thought, that’s my brother-in-law Dana!

Then he turned to another angle and I thought, no, that’s my nephew Adrian!

The funny thing is, I’ve never noticed that Adrian and his father look much alike. But this stranger looked like both of them.

[12 October 2014]

One thought on “Interpolation

  1. It takes time to mature into the appearance of our parents. It often isn’t until children become adults that they go from having similar traits, such as hair and eye color or the family nose to scarily looking just like their father or mother. Your niece, my daughter, never ever gave a hint of looking like me when she lived under my roof. Now not only do I see the resemblance, but I have been mistaken for her when out and about with her children in her neighborhood. As an adoptee, I cherish having children and now grandchildren who carry on our family resemblance.

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