Two identical toilets

We are machines, of course, but with the curious feature that we can see ourselves from the inside.

It was strange to see myself from the inside just now here in the guest rooms of St. John’s College, above the candy shop.  There are two toilets, side by side, interchangeable. Yesterday evening I needed the toilet and arbitrarily chose the one on the right. Today I needed the toilet again and realized there was no choice in the matter at all — my steps were quite autonomically taking me back to the same one I had used yesterday.

Why?  Why in the world must I use the same toilet on day 2 as on day 1? Presumably because, for some excellent reason of natural selection, we are built like this.

As a matter of principle, just to show I could, I overrode the machine and used the one on the left.

[7 January 2016]

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