Advice for an applied math talk

1.  Begin with a thorough discussion of your Table of Contents. This will help the audience follow your presentation.

2.  Aim for about three slides per minute. For example, 72 slides is good for a 25-minute talk.

3.  Report error estimates and computer timings to at least six digits of accuracy. For example, it’s more precise to say you got an error of 3.22005e-8 in 5.52723 seconds than 3.2e-8 in 5.5 seconds.

4.  Present numbers, not plots. Plots leave a vague and fuzzy impression.

5.  Be sure to give details of the proofs. A proof without details isn’t rigorous.

6.  Aim the laser at the screen and wave it around the part of the slide you’re talking about. This helps the audience pay attention.

7. As your time slot nears its end, speed up if necessary. Don’t risk failing to cover all your material.

[6 December 2018]