Arabic script and music

حصلت على هذا البرنامج النصي من جوجل ترجمة

Arabic script is beautiful, isn’t it?

I find it fascinating that readers of Arabic are incapable of seeing the script as I do. Of course they too can see beauty, but it will be beauty of a different kind, for they can’t turn off the message.

For me there’s a similar effect in the gulf between musical pieces I know and those I do not. I can get pleasure and even emotion from listening to a piece I don’t know, but it’s a formless experience, without any of the meaning that takes over when I’ve heard the piece ten times. Listening to a piece I know is much more satisfying.  But once I know it, I’ve lost the ability to hear those sounds as sounds and nothing more.

[3 January 2020]

One thought on “Arabic script and music

  1. Thank you for posting these notes!
    This one in particular reminds me of an “exercise” I attempt repeating, which first I accidentally accomplished while immersed in language studies at university (German, French, and Russian) and with difficulty have repeated on occasion since then:
    hearing purely the sounds of words spoken in my native English without processing their meaning. May we call it a variation of “hearing without listening”… It would definitely be more difficult to do with musical compositions!

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