Conscious, unconscious

My life is driven by dual aims: to be conscious, and to be unconscious.

Oh how deeply I want to be conscious! I want to perceive, to understand everything. At heart I believe that if only my perception were complete, I would save my soul and save the world.

So I strive constantly to be hard-working and efficient to make time for those higher perceptions. But isn’t it curious how often my tactic for achieving efficiency is to try to make things unconscious! To get things done without a murmur and without an error, it’s all about  habits. The keys go there, the phone goes there, this and that and a thousand other schemes unthinking. My conscious self would have no chance of maintaining the required level of performance. To exalt my consciousness, I am constantly striving to shift the clutter of my life into the unconscious territory.

[30 December 2013]